Episode 2   March 28 2017

Oven 2.0

Have you ever cooked a food? This episode is for you. We rethink the technology of the everyday paternoster, and its less evolved form, the conveyor belt, to change your kitchen forever. The classic conundrum: stakeholders or steak holders? Some brandstorming results in our value prop: The Lazy-Bake Oven. We ride that IoT train by pairing your phone with your oven. More like Chef + Chef Music Factory, amirite? We monetize the heck out of this thing with oven ringtones and celebrity saliva, and then Eric comes up with the best name ever.

Hey, I just met you  and this is crazy

What even is this? If you’d like a gentle on-ramp to The Redesign, check out some of our favourite episodes: Submarine 2.0, Horse Racing 2.0 and Watch 2.0.