Hey, I just met you  and this is crazy

What even is this? If you’d like a gentle on-ramp to The Redesign, check out some of our favourite episodes: Submarine 2.0, Horse Racing 2.0 and Watch 2.0.

Episode 25   February 12 2018

Sword 2.0

Tom reveals his deep-seated fears of measuring tapes and fans. But more importantly: we disrupt medieval combat and stab wounds with the S word (Sword 2.0). We invent the retractable blade and somehow avoid the word flaccid. Attach a sword with built-in razzle-dazzle shark to every limb and your head and put this one on your Duel-list, folks.

Episode 24   January 29 2018

Dog 2.0

Man’s best friend is now man’s better friend with Dog 2.0: the K10. How much better you might ask? Does your mainstream Dog 1.0 yell out your appointments in the voice of Scooby Doo or Sir Ian McKellen (CBE)? Does your quotidian dog 1.0 have ad-supported fur with built-in pouches to hold your stuff? I submit it does not.

Episode 23   January 15 2018

Money 2.0

[extremely Daft Punk voice] “Sign it, lick it, shake it” – me? Oh just doing an extremely cool Money 2.0 transaction (transactions cannot exceed $59,049). We’ve made it easier than ever to send money to a friend: just smack your saliva-laden hands together and celebrate your wealth with an unstoppable torrent of baking-soda-volcano froth.

Episode 22   January 1 2018

Bowling 2.0

Put on Tubthumpin’ because things are going to get knocked down (and, following that, get up again). Join your fellow roll players in the x-treme and physically taxing game of Bowling 2.0. No more ant-filled finger-holes, just grab your ball by the convenient handle (while activating your walk-out music) and launch it directly through a windmill and/or clown mouth.

Episode 21   December 18 2017

Movies 2.0

We lay down some non-negotiable improvements to Movies 1.0: you are now legally required to say the name of the movie within the movie, all movies start with a rap, all movies contain Thanos’ distinct musk, and everyone’s a spiderman. How will you enjoy this new paradigm? Just lie back and look straight up, enjoying a sip of delicious Movie Juice™. The Threeater: That’s Bridget Jones, Baby!

Episode 20   December 4 2017

Luggage 2.0

Fall in love with international jetsetting all over again with the Lugnut™ – the luggage that you ride! The luggage that you ride because it’s an expandable peristaltic ouroboros that hardly ever digests your clothes and toiletries! For longer voyages, simply affix a Poppins-adjacent umbrella-style helicopter blade (available via macrotransaction).

Episode 19   November 20 2017

Rollercoaster 2.0

What if trains, but scary? Or what if trains, but even MORE scary? We demolish the totally mundane existence of rollercoasters by adding maglev, rockets, venomous serpents, cheese puffs and the unnecessarily violent subversion of your expectations. Rollercoaster 2.0: The most safe rollercoaster™.

Episode 18   November 6 2017

Birds 2.0

Reach for the sky (in an aspirational way! Not because we’re robbing you). In fact it’s birds that are robbing you. Sorry, we improved them too much and they’re better than us now. But let me pose this question: how many wings is too many wings? The answer: four. And also this question: what if birds had hands and secreted cotton candy and also sang George Michael songs? If you said ‘that rules’ you are correct.

bonus Episode   October 30 2017

Werewolf 2.0

Our Hallowe’en episode turned out to be kind of turd – but we’re no ly-can’t-thropes, so we just cut out everything except those good good werewolf jokes. Ask yourself this: would you like a 30-day trial of maybe just eating SOME of a person? Please join our professional pack on Loupdin.

Episode 17   October 23 2017

Mail 2.0

You must feel like some kind of Neolithic troglodyte, getting your mail in a primitive mailbox and going to the post office to buy so-called stamps. With PostMail™ (“It’s better than mail!”) you could instead be licking a slime-encrusted package and then feeding it to a giant biomechanoid chicken. This episode also features: Eric performing an uncanny airhorn imitation.

Episode 16   October 9 2017

Bed 2.0

Hey, are you a humanoid person who has a biological need for sleep? Cool, nice! Traditionally this happens mostly horizontally, and on a big flat surface, which seems tragically non-optimized. Why sleep on a normal, dumb ol’ mattress when you can sleep inside a body-formed fungus sheath filled with icy cherry slush, with your head enclosed in a DreamCube? Get the best 8 hours of sleep you’ve ever had (in 12 minutes) with REM Brand™.

Episode 15   September 25 2017

Submarine 2.0

We slip beneath the waves of Poseidon’s moist realm with Submarine 2.0. Eric immediately confuses Roy Scheider and Rob Schneider as we pivot into a Seaquest DSV fan podcast (Darwin rulz ok). We go deep with biomimicry by giving our vessel big ol’ tentacles and a giant beak, nature’s coolest appendage and grossest mouth. Note: you also have to breathe perfluorocarbon the whole time you’re in there, if you’re not okay with that shut up because you’ll be shamed into it with peer-pressure-based marketing.

Episode 14   September 11 2017

Grooming 2.0

Become an IMPOSSIBLY well-coiffured individual and “Do the ‘Do 2” with Grooming 2.0. Obviously only machines could cut your hair to such exacting standards: that’s why your new stylist is a cloud of scissor-wielding microdrones that 3D print non-biological hair-filament onto your head while you’re blasted with ASMR videos. Keep calm and continue to keep calm: you’re getting gr2med.

Episode 13   August 29 2017

Tent 2.0

Enjoy nature’s wild bounty without the exercise in frustration that is man’s natural enemy, the tent. Instead, try Headspace™ – become the (literal?) corpus callosum of a hydraulically-inflated noggin, carefully built from a 3D scan of your own beautiful human head. Crawl into your own gargantuan mouth for a good night’s sleep, then leave your head to decompose in a field.

Episode 12   August 14 2017

Breakfast 2.0

Think you know breakfastses? Think again, friend! Using machine intelligence, face recognition, and explosions, the Breakfast Butler™ creates nutritious slurries that you wear on your head and sip on the go. When you’re done, simply smash your breakfast helmet off to signal your satisfaction.

Episode 11   July 31 2017

Cutlery 2.0

Eating food the old-fashioned way is a filthy habit for animals. No longer be subject to gravity’s cruel whims and be prepared to return incoming high-fives at any conceivable time with Cutlery 2.0. Normal utensils (and their lamentable progeny, sporks) got nothin’ on chowing down with a head-mounted explosive disposable robot-arm bulb.

Episode 10   July 17 2017

Lawnmower 2.0

Welcome to Mowtown! If you hate your lawn, trespassers, or ice carving, then Lawnmower 2.0 is for you. Using the futuristic science of 3000 RPM lasers and Google Streetview, we cut literally everything to a uniform height. Don’t worry: it’s totally safe – we leverage jetski and slide-whistle tech to protect your family from laser-adjacent lesions.

Episode 9   July 3 2017

Horse Racing 2.0

You thought we changed sports forever with Baseba2? Well guess what – we totally did except for Horse Racing, which is now also CHANGED FOREVER. Tired of the ol’ Nascar oval? Get ready for all-terrain horse-drifting. We bring street racing sensibility to the most noble sport with horse body kits & strapping a goat to each hoof. Finally, we let you, the audience, vote on ad-hoc psychological hazards.

Episode 8   June 19 2017

Mouse 2.0

Employers, looking for a productivity boost? Check out Mouse 2.0, the Deskpet™ – your employees can press a button to receive a Mouse Pellet (but only sometimes, peep that variable reward schedule). Employees, looking for an emotional connection with your work? Your mouse is now a pulsating glove, with tiny legs for haptic feedback and a tiny tongue for kisses. You’re welcome.

Episode 7   June 5 2017

Drill 2.0

Become a master of home improvement, coffee grinding, and self-surgery with Drill 2.0. We consider how to account for safety (because nobody should just drill william-nilliam) by making Drill 2.0 extremely hot, slimy, and/or spiky. Become an instant expert with a [spooky voice] MAGNETIC keyless charles, and document it all with a Drillfie™.

Episode 6   May 22 2017

Rollerblades 2.0

Obviously we’ve improved motorized transportation forever, but what about human-powered transportation? We also improved that forever by replacing your everyday, garbage-dump “wheels” with a throwback to the OG way to blade: legs. Safety? You bet! Let everybody know you’re 2.0 leggin’ it with constant Doppler-compensated screaming.

Episode 5   May 8 2017

Watch 2.0

It’s peace in our timepiece with Watch 2.0. Ever thought about how your current smartwatch measures steps but doesn’t measure your remaining lifespan or how much crime and fire is around you? Smoke this in your mind-pipe also: what if your watch contained a tiny homunculus that told you what to do? What if the homunculus itself wore a watch? What if the watchband was a watch-SUIT? What if the watch-suit drank your blood? WHAT IF!?!?

Episode 4   April 25 2017

Hamburger 2.0

Taking a a big ol’ bite of design with Hamburger 2.0 (aka the OMNIBURGER, prepare your body). Don’t you hate it when your hamburger is cold, soggy, or not blasted with flavour? Yeah, us too. That’s why we leveraged onigiri packaging and ripcord-driven chemical heating to bring you an AR ordering experience at your local burgatorium. BURG IT!™ #burgerfails

Episode 3   April 10 2017

Baseball 2.0

You may have heard of baseball, but you’ve never heard of Baseba2 – yet. Why can’t we make baseball a year-round sport? The answer is: we can, using Basebulb™. This might be against the rules but we threw out the rulebook, baby. We also bring map-packs, sound-packs and status afflictions to boring ol’ baseba1, all available through Basebucks™ microtransactions.

Episode 2   March 28 2017

Oven 2.0

Have you ever cooked a food? This episode is for you. We rethink the technology of the everyday paternoster, and its less evolved form, the conveyor belt, to change your kitchen forever. The classic conundrum: stakeholders or steak holders? Some brandstorming results in our value prop: The Lazy-Bake Oven. We ride that IoT train by pairing your phone with your oven. More like Chef + Chef Music Factory, amirite? We monetize the heck out of this thing with oven ringtones and celebrity saliva, and then Eric comes up with the best name ever.

Episode 1   March 13 2017

Motorcycle 2.0

We have extremely relevant ridership experience! Bicycles are basically motorcycles without motors, after all. The problem: motorcycles are great on land, but not so hot on water – so let’s make them just like a Delorean: going-sideways pontoon-style wheels. We investigate Will Smith’s “I, Robot” as design inspiration, and dig on that self-driving tip – it’s safe because we’re faxing dogs directions to Subway. Finally, Eric reinvents a scene from “The Avengers” (the UK one).